Sunday, January 3, 2010

I forgot to say...

Happy New Year everyone!

On another note...
I'm trying to submit my application(online) to UF and I have already timed out five times, losing all of my progress! If I don't save it within 15 minutes this happens. What if I'm really into the essay and I just lose consciousness and focus on just that? I won't remember to save! This is what I get.
Applying Online is ftl in my opinion.

So my piece is done! Finally! I mean well, it's been done since like December 14th! But now I am here to show it to you!
This piece has already made it into heArt&Soul and I can't wait to see how much it sells for! Though I know it will hurt just a bit to watch it go. I almost didn't want to enter it because I love it so much! But alas, I have 2 prints. Well, one at the moment. Can't seem to find the other one. :x
Oh well, still have one up and framed already. Well....

There it is! In all of its horrible phone quality glory! Perhaps Ms. C has a better picture of it, but this is the most justice I could do to it on my iPhone. :3
What do you think?